• A thin dense plating system: 1.5-10µm
  • A nodular structured surface ideal for lubricant reservoirs
  • A crack-free, flawless chrome plating
  • An extremely hard, wear-resistant layer with very good corrosion protection and outstanding adhesion strength with the base material.

The Duralloy® plating is an extremely hard chrome plating

The overrun load under EHD-conditions analysed by FAG achieves around 2,800 MPa (standard ball and roller bearing is around 1,400 – 1,700 MPa)

Due to the low process temperature of under 60°C, no changes in the structure of the base material occur during plating, this essential advantage of the process ensures shape and hardness stability for any manufactured components.

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The bonding off Duralloy® on the substrate is of molecular nature.

Even under strafing with argon ions (Auger-spectrograph) until the surface cracks, there is no detachment of the cracked edging from the substrate.

Compared to other coating systems the Duralloy® layer has no irregular breaks of edges throughout the scratch and the ball indention tests.

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The special structure of the Duralloy® surface forms a converging gap geometry and thus enables the creation of pockets of lubricant.

The specific gap geometry of the Duralloy® surface generates a build-up of oil pressure when needed. The lubricant pockets also form an oil reservoir for extreme conditions where there is for example starved lubrication.

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The special structure of Duralloy® chrome layer protects the base material against chemical and mechanical corrosion.

Oscillation corrosion – Protection against frictional corrosion:

  •  Oscillation corrosion is caused by stress due to vibration on surface roughness level.
  • The abrasion wear and corrosion resistance of Duralloy®-surfaces offer long-lasting protection and gives the possibility to disassemble and assemble jointed parts.

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Duralloy is leading manufacturer in the field of thin dense / structural chromium coating technology.

The specific structured surface of the Duralloy® layer provides outstanding chemical resistance and material hardness for many applications where conventional coating systems are ineffective.

Duralloy® provides theunique combination of hardness-/wear protection, adhesion strength, tribology and protection against corrosion.

The plating technology of Duralloy offers a wide range of products.

With our wide range of products we are able to supply customers all over the world in the different industries:

automotive sector, industrial gears, machine tools, textile machines, printing machines, hydraulics, medical technology, ball and roller bearing technology as well as linear guidelines.

Moreover Duralloy ® offers a wide range of conventional electroplating, like:

nickel, copper, tin, hard chrome, brilliant chrome, black chrome, velour chrome, gold and silver.

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